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How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Free Guide and Increase Traffic By 1,50,000 Monthly Visitors

How to make money blogging for Begginers
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Free Guide ( How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners )

Welcome to RoSanta, Your Money Making Guide to be a Millionaire by some Smart Work. Subscribe Our Email Newsletter For Upcoming Money Making Hacks Available Online. This Free Guide is All About How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners.

In This Guide I will Explain, How to Drive Monthly 1,50,000 Visitors to Your Blog. And what things You need to Learn throughout the Journey of How to Make Money Blogging For Begginers .

We Are Earning Decent amount of Money Through our Different Blog Niches. Keep in Touch with RoSanta Blog. Other Tutorials are on the way.

Lets Start, Our Money Making Blog Free Guide –

Every body having a blog are worried about their traffic since many of them earning through their blog . For earning Full time, A decent traffic is needed . So one of the big question which comes many times in front of us ” How to Increase Traffic By 1,50,000 Monthly Visitors ? ” .

So today I am going to discuss about this and will help many bloggers to increase their blog traffic easily .

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How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Free Guide and Increase Traffic By 1,50,000 Monthly Visitors

Traffic one of the most important thing in blogging .So to get success in blogging carrier ,have to work on traffic increasing tactics . But what are these tactics ? I have the answer .We can improve our traffic with just following 3 ways . ( Ways To Improve Traffic Under How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Free Guide )

Search engine Optimization ( SEO ) :

SEO is the only way which can pull tons of traffic .So proper optimization can help you but how ?

Keyword Optimization In Right Way

If we talk about Google ,What happens when somebody search a thing on Google,there is a software called Spiders which crawl all the websites and blog decide the rank of the websites on that search result.We will talk about Spiders later.

Now for a better rank on Google Search ,Keyword optimization should be good. For good Keyword optimization follow all these steps given below :-

There are many tools which can tell you the keyword which is searched most on Google like Google Adword Tool. It is one of the best keyword research tool for researching a Keyword.

Your Main Keyword should be in the title of your post and also in the permalink too.

Your keywords should be present in your article which you write .

The Keyword which are present in the article bold them.That is your keywords should be bold in your articles.

 Keyword Density –  It is one of the most important factor in Keyword Optimization.Keyword Density means – how many times your keyword is repeated in your article .So there should be a good keyword density in your post .

So these are some tips to proper optimization of your content that can raise your SEO of the post which can help you to pull a huge traffic from the search engines like Google.

Now the Second thing which can also help you to increase traffic is

Social Bookmarking :

There are so many Social Networking sites which can really help you to built a good amount of traffic from them . Digg , Mix etc. are some of these social bookmarking sites which can help you to built traffic . Just sign up on these sites and do bookmarking there and also this will help you in improving your Off Page SEO .

Some best Social Bookmarking Sites are :

  • Digg
  • Mix
  • Reddit
  • Delicious

3 .Do Sharing For Your Site

The main piece of advice to boost traffic is to share your site with many. If no one knows about your website, how will they know to go there? You want to make sure you are sharing your site address in as many places as possible.

Forums – Sign up for forums related to your blog. You’ll be able to talk with prospective users and clients. Using forum signature you can share your website address. Many forum readers may go to your site, tell others about your site, etc.

Email signature – Simply putting your website address in your email signature can boost traffic in a small way.

Friends and family – Don’t be afraid or hesitate to share your site address with friends and family who can then distribute your address to many others. They are often your best source of free advertising and traffic boosting.

Facebook, Twitter, etc. – There’s no denying the power of social media to spread the word about your website. After publishing a post spend some time to promote it in social networking sites like Facebook ,twitter and Myspace .

4 .Do Guest Blogging 

A good way to boost traffic to your site nearly immediately is to be a guest blogger. By making some interesting guest posts you can show readers that you are someone who has more to offer. Since you’ll be able to include your website address in that blog post, you will ensure you are getting more traffic, link juice and a higher ranking – as a result. So go for Guest Blogging on high quality websites .

WordPress is the most popular and most used blogging platform in the world due to its huge features and ease of use .But yesterday I am searching web ,I saw many blogs which have very low Page loading speed .So today I am going to discuss about How To Increase Page Loading Speed of a Blog ? 

Blog loading speed affects Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )as Google state that the blog which load quickly will rank higher in SERP .So it is most important to increase thepage load speed for a blog .

But before I start few things which we have to check .

Page Load Speed of Blog :

We are going to increase our blog loading speed but before it we have to check our page loading speed .Is it loading slowly ? So to check the loading speed of a blog there are some tools are available by which we can easily analyse our blog loading speed .One of the most common tool which is mostly used Google Official page speed Analyzer .Here you have to just enter your blog url and check the score there .If your score is above 80 then its fine .If the score is just above the 70 then you should work to improve it .But if your score is less then 70 then its time to work on it to improve it since it is harming your SERP . ( Page Load Speed under How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Free Guide )

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How To Increase Page Load Speed

There are several factors on which your blog page load speed depend as number of plugins used ,type of theme ,Java script and many more so what should we have to do to increase blog load speed ? I have the answer . Just follow the instruction given below to increase your blog speed .

Select A Good Theme

When your choosing a theme for your blog make sure it’s not so heavy and should be clear ( no error should be there ) .Theme should be properly customized by deleting unnecessary coding  .

Remove unused CSS code :

There are so many codes are there in css stylesheet of a theme ,many of them are useless ,so delete all the unused codes from CSS .

Minimize Number Of Plugins :

WordPress has an advantage that for every work there is a plugin which can do it easily .So many bloggers install too many plugins which also make the blog heavier then ever .So to increase loading speed of a blog use minimum no. of plugin .I think 10 -12 plugins maximum .

Use WP Super Cache Plugin :

It the best plugin that I have ever use ,it increase your page load speed very effectively ,So we should always use this plugin for our blog it really works .

Minimize Use of JavaScript :

JavaScript also make our blog slower ,so we should minimize use of JavaScript .

Avoid Big Size Images :

Many times I saw bloggers used so big images due to which blog page load so slowly as browser re-size those images .So we should avoid these type of big images .

Less Use of External Url in One Page :

External Url also slow the load speed of a blog ,so we should use less amount of external Url on one page to increase the page loading speed .

So these are the some ways through which we can increase our blog loading speed .Just try these tips and increase your blog speed now .

Second Most Important thing in Our Free Guide of How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners is All Essential WordPress Plugins that You Must Have.

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Most Important WordPress Plugins That All Bloggers should Have ( How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Free Guide Tutorial )

Blogging is every where now a days and Most of the bloggers prefer WordPress for blogging since having tons of features and ease of use . There are a lot of plugins are used in WordPress which make our simple .Bloggers are using different plugins for different work as for SEO some webmaster are using All In One SEO Pack and some are using Yoast SEO Plugin and many others plugin are there .In my blogging carrier ,i have tested thousands of plugins but there are few which work best for you .

So the question is which plugin will give the better result .So today I am going to tell you about the most important plugins for WordPress that should be installed for good result and also I want to include here ,Plugins make our blog heavier ,so another thing which should be kept our mind to minimize the number of plugins .

So I have a list of some most important plugins that can really help bloggers and they are given below .

1. All In One SEO Pack :

In the Blogging word All In One SEO Pack has a great role , 80 % bloggers are using All In One SEO Pack for their blog .This plugin automatically creates meta-tags on each post page, allowing you also to pre-establish any meta-titles or meta-tags you want included .This plugin help to better optimize your content .There is also a Pro Version of this Plugin but free version is also sufficient .It will help in Search Engine Optimization and alow these features

  • Canonical URLs
  • Rewrite Titles:
  • SEO for Custom Post
  • Dynamically Generate Keywords
  • Meta Tags For Categories

And much more .

Every Blogger should have this plugin .

2 .Akismet –

It is one of the most widely used plugin in the world which helps to protect your blog from spammers. Akismet filter all the spam comments .There are so many spammer which are spreading spam on the blogs .These comments are of no use .So we have to filter them from genuine comment ,Akismet is made for that .

3 .Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Google XML Sitemaps plugin is most important plugin for a blog . It generates sitemap of your blog and tells about it to the search engines .Sitemaps help Google to index and prioritize your site or blog content. So we must install Google XML Sitemaps and its free to install .

4. SEO Friendly Images –

We use images in our post and articles but we never think about to optimize them .Images can also bring huge traffic to our blogs if they are optimized .So SEO Friendly Images Plugin is made for it .It automatically optimize all the image and an ALT text to them as you make setting for this plugin .You can easily install it for free .


This Plugin will filter a human being from an automatic softwares .There are so many softwares which are spreading spam by unwanted commenting .So this plugin will do all for you .

6. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – 

After a post ,readers want to read more post related to it ,So this plugin will show some related post below a post .This is most important to increase page view of a blog ,this plugin will do all for you.

7. MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer –

When we publish a post WordPress automatically send Pings to rpc.pingomatic.com as it is set default .But some times we have to edit a post and update it ,so when we update a post WordPress again send unnecessary  pings and this can lead to flag your blog as a spam .So to avoid this unnecessary MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer is best for it .You can Download it here MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer .

8 . Add To Any –

Add to Any is a very good and smart plugin which helps the user to share the blog post to their social sharing sites like facebook ,twitter ,Google+ and a very huge number of sited are their.So this very important social sharing plugin.It will help to increase your readers and traffic .

9 .Broken Link Checker –

Sometimes there are some link which are broken ,so for good result a blog should not have broken links .So to checks these broken links there is a plugin named as Broken Link Checker .This plugin will tell you about all the broken links if you have .

10 .Wp Super Cache Plugin –

Google loves that blogs which load quickly ,so this plugin will help in improving speed of a blog ,So it also one of the most important plugin which a blogger should have .

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How To Use SEO For Traffic

SEO is One of the Main Component of How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Guide

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) techniques are vital to help your site rise above the hundreds of others you’ll be competing against. People use search engines for information; they search for facts but also to shop and to research new businesses. Use the advice from this article to increase your site’s traffic.

Don’t just publish a page full of links. Adding links into your content makes them part of your page and easy to use. Link pages are not appreciated by readers or search engines. Your content will be more professional looking, and it will be in context for search engines if you incorporate your links into your articles naturally.

When trying to boost your traffic, try adding a sitemap. A site map will link your pages to each other. An easy to use site will get more traffic.

Consider using the services of a company that specializes in search engine optimization. You will have a better chance of being a high ranking website if you do this. Several companies offer substantial deals on such services.

URLs should be case-sensitive, so check that your server has those settings. The results could be split links.

The proper utilization of keywords in your articles can really give your business a more prominent ranking with search engines, and greater exposure to potential customers. By including the keywords that are relevant to the topic of your articles, the search engines will able to find them easier. This will make articles on your website simple for curious readers to find. Make sure to get keywords throughout the article; the title, the synopsis, and multiple times throughout the body.

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Pay-per-click approaches can be used in affiliate marketing in a really effective way. Although the profits start small, they can rapidly increase based on affiliate referrals. ( How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Free Guide )

Get a domain name for your site that is both memorable and relevant. Memorable domain names that are easy to pronounce are advantageous for Internet users who locate your content through YouTube.

When writing for search engine results, you can profit from using keywords. When you are setting goals for search engine optimization, be mindful that you are not just writing for search engine spiders, you are writing for humans as well.

Websites that contain vital information tend to receive a higher rank than those that just sell products. It can be invaluable to add positive customer reviews and a purchase guide of your products to your website.

While pictures make a website look attractive, sites that are looking to improve their search rankings don’t concentrate on images. Image links only provide the linked file URL for search engine bots to index.

Only try to master one area of SEO at a time instead of trying to implement them all at once. No matter how much time and energy you put into learning SEO, you will never become an expert at every trick. Select one that work for you so that you can master it.

Properly optimizing your site for search engines may seem intimidating, but as this article has shown you, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Knowing the few basic principles that determine how the search engines work, can help you tweak your site to attract more visitors than ever. Before you know it, you’ll have a slew of new customers.

How to Use Custom Permalink to Drive Blog Traffic

Permalinks have most important role in search engine optimization ,so we have to make them SEO friendly .If a blogger want to be rank high in search engine rankings than have to optimize their permalink structure . So which permalink structure will give better result and hoe to do it , I have the answer .

By Default permalink structure of a WordPress blog is look like  http://example.com/?p=123 ,To  make them SEO friendly just follow the steps given below :

  • Open your WordPress dashboard and go to permalink Setting which is given under Setting option.

If we select default then our permalink will look like http://example.com/?p=123 , so we have to change it to Custom Structure and type /%postname%/ in the box given in front of it and hit on save changes button . It will make our permalink structure as our post name ,like if we have a post having title Search Engine Optimization then the permalink of this post will be look like http://example.com/search-engine-optimization/  .So this structure will gives a better result on Search Engines .

This Permalink Structure is widely used by the webmaster and I also use this Permalink Custom Structure on some of my other blogs .But I have a lot of more which can you get more better ranking on search engine .

Most search Engines Like .html pages ,so we if we use .html like custom structure we will get more higher ranking on Google .So to make your custom structure like this http://example.com/search-engine-optimization.html then we have to do lot of change in above structure  . Just type “ /%postname%.html ” in custom structure .It adds .html extra in your Permalinks and you will definitely get better result .You can also check in this blog also ,i used this Permalink Structure here .

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Additional, Monetization of Blog Through Google AdSense High CPM and High CPC Rates

Google Adsense Plays the vital role in our  How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Tutorial as it is the only ad network which provide a handsome revenue to the publisher . So Google Adsense is the first choice of web Publishers to monetize their content . Google adsense provides CPC ( Cost Per Click ) and eCPM ( effective Cost Per Mile ) advertisement to the publishers .

But some time publisher get low CPC and eCPM which reduce the total earning of the publisher .So today I am going to tell you about how to resolve this low CPC problem .

How To Increase Adsense CPC ?

So this is a big question now a days in front of web publishers ,every publisher want to improve their CPC . There are some ways by which we can increase CPC easily and they are given below :

Use High Paying Keywords :

As I said earlier Google Adsense is a Contextual advertising network for web publishers ,Google Adsense bots go through your content and place those ads which are most relevant to content .They select few keywords from your content and place those ads which was targeted on that keywords by the advertisers .So try to use high paying keyword in your content so that adsense place high paying ads on your blog .

For example use this keyword ” Insurance ” instead of ” Banks ” since it has high CPC .

Place High CTR Ad Unit which Goes First In your HTML 

Google Adsense used to place high paying ads which loads first in your html .It means that if your header loads first obviously then the ad unit placed in the header had a higher CPC/CPM then the other ad units on the same page .So try to put that high CTR Ad unit which loads first in your html . For my side first ad unit should be below the post title in a blog . ( How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Free Guide )

Use Less Number of Ad Unit 

As we know that Google Adsense allow us to place 3 ad unit on a page ,publisher used to place all the 3 ad unit on the same page . It is also one of the main reason of low CPC . By placing all the 3 ad unit on the same page ,lowers the competition between the advertiser . If we use less number of ad unit on our blog competition among the advertisers increases to place their ads on our blog .So try to use 1 or 2 ad unit on one web page of your blog to increase Adsense CPC.

Enable Both Image and Text Ads 

Some time web publishers choose only Text or Image ads to increase their CTR but the truth is they actually lowers their CPC . Since if you block image ads or text ads then you lowers the competition between the advertisers .So enable both Image and Text ads ,it will again increase the competition between the advertisers and will increase the your CPC .

Hope You Like This Free Guide and Tutorial on How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners. Choose Bluehost service Provider over Other Hosting Services, we checked their service by ourself. They are Best Among others.

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